Photo by Art of Freelance Alum Ryan Schude

Photo by Art of Freelance Alum Ryan Schude


We believe that the Future of Work will favor the Freelancer.

Those that have built personal brands, an audience, and systems for a sustainable independent creative practice will have the advantage of mobility, flexibility, and agility in a shifting marketplace.

We believe that there is a repeatable process that Freelancers can follow to create successful, high paying careers. It includes visualization, goal setting, systems for creating meaningful work, strategies for marketing, and general productivity.

We call that process Art of Freelance.


Come see the freshest work from creatives in photography, film, music, fashion, and design at our Showcases in Los Angeles.


  • Help you define and refine your professional goals using carefully designed exercises that have been proven to work for creative Freelancers and/or those with a “side hustle”. 

  • Create a roadmap of the projects that will push you to the next step in your career, and help you choose the right project to tackle right now.

  • Accomplish that project with the support of real human to human contact in weekly online video check-ins focused on providing feedback and guidance.

  • Support you as you market and showcase the work you create during the workshop. 


See what our Alumni have to say:



Ryan Schude, an award-winning professional photographer who has served biggies like Air France, Allstate Insurance and AT&T, is perhaps best known for his photographic style of tableau vivants, or 'living pictures.” Ryan has both participated in and guided Art of Freelance workshops and in the process has created a number of photographs for his ongoing photo series for various galleries.

“I straight up would not have completed my project if it wasn’t for the weekly accountability check-ins. They are the core of why I need a program like this.”


- Ryan Schude, Photographer

What if you could wake up in 10 weeks having created a project you’ve been dreaming about? What if you could do it with more grace and ease by having additional support, community, and accountability?


  • You have an idea for a project that you want to tackle, but “can’t find the time”. 

  • You have lots of ideas for projects, but are looking for clarity and feedback about what project you should tackle next. 

  • You you want a bigger community and network of other creatives and entrepreneurs. 

  • You are looking to push your creative career to a new level, start a Freelance practice, or build a “side hustle”. 

  • You believe that additional accountability would help you accomplish the self-directed projects you know you need to complete.

This workshop can help veteran Freelancers with established careers, newer Freelancers looking to amplify their current work, those interested in starting a creative Freelance practice, or anyone interested in building a “side hustle”.

It doesn’t matter where in your creative career you are, it only matters that you are interested in creating work that will push it to the next level.

Claire Salvo was an Art of Freelance scholarship recipient in Spring of 2018, and during that time worked on her project “ME:WE”, which uses drawings and text to tell the stories of nine women who have been sexually assaulted. ME:WE is about community and finding solidarity in a solitary experience.

“The support of my cohort was vital in helping to keep me motivated…I loved being able to ask for advice and guidance, especially regarding how to present my series – still very much a work in progress. Thanks to those ideas, I will have a cohesive, comprehensive and meaningful presentation.” – Claire Salvo


  • You are looking for specific, tactical advice or direction about finance, accounting, contracts. Your Cohort, Guide, and the general Art of Freelance Community may provide feedback and personal advice about these matters, but the workshop does not focus on them. The program is about clearly defining your future career path, and then taking a meaningful step towards it by creating and showcasing a badass portfolio project over 10 weeks.

  • You are looking for an easy answer, a hack, or “the secret”. We don’t have that. We have a repeatable process that we have seen work hundreds of times. We are a community that will support and encourage you while you do the hard work of creating and marketing a meaningful project. What you get out of the workshop will be in direct proportion to what you put in.

  • You have a bad attitude, think you know all the answers, or you’re a defeatist. We are a positive community that supports each other with passion and encouragement. There will be hard times during this workshop, guaranteed. If you are honest about tackling an important project, you will face resistance and challenges. Having a Cohort of supportive positive people is crucial. Bring your best self to this workshop, and community. If that’s not possible, thank you for checking us out, but sayonara!

  • You are a flake. This workshop is about hiring yourself to push your career forward, and treating yourself with the same diligence and respect you would treat a paying client. We know the realities of the changing schedule of a Freelance lifestyle, and have a liberal refund policy, so there is really no risk to signing up, but know that if you consistently don’t show up for your Cohort, you will be asked to leave.


  • The Art of Freelance 10-Week Workshop was designed by successful freelancers and top academics to give you the maximum impact for the time you invest.

  • We will help you clarify your big picture goals and career path.

  • You will be pushed to develop your portfolio with the kind of work you want to be hired for.

  • You will have the opportunity to Showcase your work to our community and network.

  • We are a growing global community of creatives providing referrals, feedback, support, encouragement, and inspiration.


We are so confident that you will love this workshop that we offer a 100%, no questions, 30 day money back guarantee.

Nora Quinn believes art is an accessory you can take with you. Over three Art of Freelance workshop, Nora created a full range of products to sell online and launched her website .

“I loved meeting new people and being a part of the community of our cohort. I really thrive with the accountability system and it helps me get things done. I loved getting to know my cohort. Everyone was really inspiring.”

- Nora Quinn, Designer


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