We think of your freelance career like a series of mountains. Each project you tackle, paid or unpaid, is a journey to a different peak exposing a different view of how far you’ve come and where you want to go.

But it’s hard. Working for yourself often means by yourself, which can feel like you’re climbing naked in the rain and the fog, fighting against a headwind. And merely watching 10 Easy Steps to Freelance Success!-type videos online or reading inspirational articles is like spending all your time in REI getting inspired by the tents for sale.

We know this because we’ve been there. We know that some of the most important work is also the hardest because it is unpaid, unaccountable, deeply personal and experimental. It’s the work that you aren’t being paid to do, but that you know you must do to show your creative self.

We realized that we needed a system to help us get this type of work done. We needed other humans to care if we completed personal projects, we needed deadlines and we needed a place to share it. So we worked with badass freelancers and top academics in Adult Learning to build this program. We created Art of Freelance to be a sherpa - helping creatives design a roadmap of which mountain to tackle first, gathering other climbers for motivation on the trail and celebrating at each summit.