Alumni Spotlight: Daniel Johnson


During the Art of Freelance Spring '17 Course, Visual Artist and Photographer Daniel Johnson tackled his first new photo series in over two years, accomplishing five shoots in total, with more work in the pipeline. 

Says Johnson, "The series inspired a trip to Mexico City which resulted in other future potential collaborations as well as a potential gallery representation. It also put me in contact with a lot of new potential collaborators in general (it’s amazing how the clarity of knowing what you want to do makes it easier for other people to know how they align with your art.)"

As someone who values the relationship between dance, movement and emotions, the series is "exploring how the body stores emotion physically and the best way to process it is through movement."

Daniel says of the Course, "I have more confidence in the potential of my work, in the feasibility of me being able to accomplish a vision. I sense more clarity on the value of my commercial work and the purpose of my personal work. [I'm] grateful for all the momentum and clarity I’ve gained in the past two months, the increased levels of inspiration and dedication to my art. [I'm] grateful for clarity on my commercial photo rates, [and] grateful for all the collaborators I’ve come in contact with, or reconnected with a renewed sense of commitment."

And he credits having a Cohort along the way his backbone along the way. "I’ve classically been an avoider of commitment but showing up every Monday to our meetings was a beneficial reminder that the most necessary responsibility of any artist is simply showing up."

View more of his work at:  |  @danielnjohnson

Kai Bigwood