Project Update: Monica Orozco

A global powerhouse of self-portraiture, AF Fall 2016 alumna Monica Orozco took the course to help complete her latest series 'Mid-Century Crisis' which was commissioned by Ted Casablanca Gallery to exhibit during Palm Springs Modernism Week 2017. The series began as a sub-series of the larger deMonica conceptual character oeuvre. Each poppy, colorful photo is an intimate meeting with an emotion - from angst to heartbreak - often with a manically whimsical flourish. Bolstered by the consciousness revolution that is bubbling underneath the surface in our current political climate, Orozco's work speaks to the feminist in all of us. 

In her words, Monica sought out Art of Freelance because “I needed structure. Something to help me with setting deadlines and reaching my goals in order to get this project done. Being accountable. I also needed to get inspired and motivated by other artists.” 

Monica aka deMonica has shown her work across the globe in Berlin, London, Palm Springs, SF, NYC, LA,  and has been published in Interview and TimeOut among others. 

More info and the complete series can be seen here:

Kai Bigwood