Alumni Spotlight: Dan Rollman

Dan Rollman believes that everyone has extraordinary stories. That idea was the guiding principle behind “The Anyone Show,” a podcast that he worked on during the Art of Freelance Fall 2018 course. 

And he was proven right when the extraordinary stories he brought to the Showcase in the fall were such a crowd-pleaser that he took home the Audience Award

Art of Freelance helped provide the impetus for Dan to enact his vision.

“I think lots of us spend our lives with a gazillion ideas in our heads. And coming up with ideas is cheap; executing them is difficult. Art of Freelance is a perfect program to allow you to figure out which one of those ideas is most meaningful. Which one excites you the most. Which one lights that fire underneath you.”

“The Anyone Show” shares the stories of a crack addict who became a filmmaker, a female bodybuilder who hit rock bottom before getting back on her feet, and many more.

Start listening to “The Anyone Show”.

Conor Gallagher