Alumni Spotlight: Gina Cholick

In the Fall 2018 Art of Freelance Gina Cholick began work on “Alone With Yourself,” which she described as a series of photos about a self-encounter.

The mesmerizing work was the result of Cholick’s own self-encounter with her creative spirit.

“My biggest goal was not really the final product of what I was making but it was to cultivate creativity and to really reconnect with my own creative spirit. And because I had this community I was able to achieve something that I've never been able to do alone, which was to really be consistent with my art-making practice.”

Already a successful commercial and fine art photographer, Cholick found something she was looking for in Art of Freelance.

“When there's a scheduled call and everyone has signed up for something and they've voiced out loud ‘I've made this commitment to myself’ it really shifts, and people do follow through. I think it's just a great opportunity to connect with other creatives and also to have this motivation that I haven't been able to find another way. “

View more of Gina’s work at: // @photogina

Conor Gallagher