Alumni Spotlight: Morgan Lieberman

In the fall 2018 Art of Freelance, Morgan Lieberman shot “Drumming To Her Own Beat”: a photo project on female drummers in Los Angeles and what it looks like to perform in a historically masculine space. 

Formerly a journalist, the Art of Freelance course was part of Lieberman’s first year as a freelancer, and she doesn’t plan on turning back now. 

“I feel as though the class has given me so much structure and knowledge to take forth with me in my new career as a photographer and filmmaker.”

What stood out the most about Art of Freelance to Morgan? The supportive environment. 

"I love that Art of Freelance isn't a competitive environment, especially in a city like LA where it can feel like a shark tank of creatives.”

View more of Morgan’s work at // @momoliebz

Conor Gallagher