Alumni Spotlight: Emily Hlavac Green

During the Fall 2018 Art of Freelance, photographer Emily Hlavac Green produced a series of conceptual portraits of people whose lives intertwine with her’s in some way. The result was “Second Skin: A Series of Personal Portraits.” 

Emily has a very succinct way of summing up what makes Art of Freelance so great:

“It’s fucking cool.”

What made it cool was the people she got to know and the deadlines she had to meet.

“The accountability gives you the boost to create something that you otherwise wouldn't wouldn't be creating. For me, it was also the networking. I met some really amazing, talented people.”

And similar to her photo series – which was a process of getting to know a person more intimately – the Art of Freelance course was also a journey of self-exploration.

“I think the fear of something not working out really holds us back as creatives so this has been a real learning curve just in self-discovery and confidence more than anything.”

View more of Emily’s work at // @emilyhlavacgreen

Conor Gallagher