Conor Simpson

During Art of Freelance Fall 2016, Conor Simpson - Filmmaker at Of The Notion - conceptualized and developed JUX LUCID: a live dance performance and video installation project, and completed filming of the project’s first phantom camera & choreography test. He has since continued to expand on the concept - showing it in theaters throughout Los Angeles. 


Baratunde Thurston
Network Television Pitch

Baratunde Thurston, futurist comedian, writer, cultural critic and author of How to Be Black, participated in Art of Freelance Fall 2017 to develop, research and write a web series and television pitch he had been planning for a long time. Since Art of Freelance he’s been able to show his work to a number of major television networks.


Craig “Tiger” Smith
Left-Handed Card Deck Kickstarter

Tiger Smith, Head of Product at Fanbread, Inc., musician and man of many projects, had been nurturing the idea of creating a left-handed card deck for quite some time. During Art of Freelance Fall 2017, The Sinister Deck was born. Not only did he create a brand, website and work with an illustrator to create the deck itself but also developed a Kickstarter for it that funded in a record-breaking three hours. Since then, he’s gone live with the Kickstarter and lefties everywhere are counting down the days until the arrival of their Sinister Deck.


Ryan Schude
Tableau Vivant Photo Series

Ryan Schude, an award-winning professional photographer who has served biggies like Air France, Allstate Insurance and AT&T, is perhaps best known for his photographic style of tableau vivants, or 'living pictures.” Ryan has both participated in and guided Art of Freelance courses and in the process has created a number of photographs for his ongoing photo series for various galleries.


Megan Ranegar
Destination Dinner Party

Megan Ranegar, Founder of The Dinner Party Association, a pop up supper club and community of creatives, chefs, mixologists, and musicians, launched her first destination dinner party in Salida, CO at the beautiful Amigo Motor Lodge with a four course dinner, beer pairings, live music, and morning yoga.


Zach Oren
Personal Photo Essays

Zach Oren, with a unique ability to capture soulful grace of humanity, always shot photos but hadn’t yet taken the plunge to create a comprehensive photo essay. With each Art of Freelance course he participated in, both Summer and Fall 2016, he created staggeringly beautiful photo essays. The first Mother’s Day, detailing the intimate relationship he cherishes with his mother and the second Bob & Bobby, which tells the story of two HIV+ men living in Los Angeles.


Sarah Moe
Hello Adventure WORKCATION

Sarah Moe, founder of Hello Adventure, a company providing global workcations for freelancers and entrepreneurs, has both participated in and guided Art of Freelance courses (Summer and Fall 2016). During AF Summer 2016 she focused on the marketing for a workcation she hosted in Bali in August 2016, which turned out to be a massive sell-out hit.  


Justin Schaefers
Brokelyn. Love. VIDEO PROJECT

Justin Schaefers, Founder, Director and DP at KAISER BEAR, a multimedia production house that specializes in photo and motion shoots and has made companies like Bose, Equinox and Airbnb shine, created Brokelyn. Love., an experimental fashion promo video.



Danny Brown, an LA-based timelapse photographer and video editor based, created an astrophotography photo project, and printed them on glass to be sold as fine art prints.



Hanne Steen, a professional writer who had long wanted to focus on her music, finally took the plunge and joined Art of Freelance in the Summer of 2016. With the support of her AF cohort and a whole lot of talent and self-belief, Hanne played her first series of live shows. Check out her music here. She also participated in the Fall 2016 course where she simultaneously led an Art of Freelance cohort and wrote the initial chapters of her memoir as a girl growing up in Rwanda.



Sinan G., a screenwriter, had been dreaming of a screenplay for many moons. It wasn’t until he joined Art of Freelance in Summer 2016 that he was able to put pen to paper. During the course he finished the feature length script and also found a directorial partner.



Callie Giovanna, award-winning travel photographer, Co-Owner Vitae Weddings, and Founder of CHROMA Visuals, had been wanting to re-edit her website and photo archives for months. Thanks to her participation in Art of Freelance Summer 2016, she was able to finally take this much-needed step to revamp her photography business.



A true master of adult education, Dr. Elizabeth Shin has designed & taught over 150 courses for both the online & on-ground campuses at University of Phoenix. Among her other work, she also worked with us to design the Art of Freelance coursework. After relying on a web presence that didn’t truly express who she was, Elizabeth decided it was time to level up (and test the curriculum she had shaped!) so she joined Art of Freelance in Summer 2016 to launch her new E-learning consultancy website.



Kimi Lewis is an award-winning Illustrator/Designer/Art Director, and Senior Product Designer at The Noun Project. After working long hours for her clients, she always yearned to be spending more time on her true passion: pattern design. When she signed up for Art of Freelance in Summer 2016, Kimi said “yes” to herself, her art and her long love affair with outer space to create a cosmically inspired set of patterns.



Donna Feldman, a professional model, TV Host and actress, is almost constantly booked - which is great! However, in addition to appearing on screen and in print, for years she longed to create an empowering female voice in the modeling industry. In joining Art of Freelance Summer 2016, Donna made her dreams a reality and created her blog, Secrets of a Model, showcasing the knowledge she has gained after years in the entertainment industry in a way that supported women in embracing their own unique beauty.



Jesse Mann, a digital product designer for Bloomberg LP and organizer for Designers + Geeks, created an app design, TrackMyTrip, to track your travels more efficiently.