Over 13 Art of Freelance Workshops, more than 750 creatives have poured themselves into outstanding projects to help propel their careers. Here's a glimpse at some from the most recent Workshops.

Yasmin Yassin,

Minneapolis-based commercial + editorial photographer,

“Should  Be Good Times (2019 -).”

It is a series showing two years of seemingly disparate memories both real & imagined told in visual format as she waited to become a mother and the period immediately afterwards.

The work is an exploration of entering motherhood woven together with her Somali heritage. It’s also an attempt to understand her own health and the imprint of all the mothers in the lineage before her, and of waiting during the ‘in-between’ – a time were Yassin was visualizing a future that was only slightly discernible given the pandemic but hard to grasp in the present.

Andrew Kung, “The All-American”. 

This photo series explores both the invisibility and masculinity of Asian American men.

It is a visual commentary of the invisibility of Asian American men – from the lack of representation in sports, media, business to the perpetual feeling of being “other-ed” in an array of spaces – and a narrative that depicts the struggle of ever becoming fully regarded as an all-American.

Andrea Arevalo, Oakland-based photographer + videographer, “Sisters.” 

She wanted to explore the relationship between sisters, one that was very important to her as she grew up and which evolves and changes every season. So she began a collection of portraits of adult sisters to encourage them to examine their relationships with a new lens. 

Naturally she began with herself and her sister, and crafted images that show their similarities while simultaneously highlighting their differences. Small details like only seeing one of their bodies in the frame allows the viewer to wonder where one person starts and the other ends. 

Arevalo plans to continue on the project with sisters in the Bay Area. 

Turjoy Chowdhury

National Geographic photographer

“World Leaders”

The photographs are personality portraits of world leaders during the coronavirus pandemic.

The pictures were captured with a camera from the monitor when these heads of state were addressing their nations, giving coronavirus speeches, and their expressions show how the leaders have responded to the situation.

Chowdhury purposely made the images out of focus to represent the virtual relationship between the people and their leaders.

Anjelica Jardiel

Brooklyn-based photographer + visual artist

“The Things We Do To Each Other”

Amidst the pandemic, she wanted to pursue something that highlighted the physical closeness we were all longing for. The process began with an interview that aided in collaboratively coming up with poses that express the relationship, and the things these people do to each other, for each other or with each other. She is seeking to find what is unique to each relationship, yet also universal to all human beings. As an artist, she hopes to demonstrate our interconnectedness and the things we have in common.

Nasrah Omar

New York City-based photographer


This photo photo book comprises three primary enclaves –– the spurious, sensory and sublime, with each one encompassing a claustrophobic cornucopia of images. 

Her lurid, densely layered narratives are an ongoing inquiry into the mythologization of objects, rituals and cultivation of liberatory avenues through digital realms.

Adam Amengual 

LA-based photographer

Fuji SQ1 Spec Campaign

Amengual, a longtime portrait and documentary photographer, decided he wanted to build up some ad work in his portfolio.

So he went out and shot an amazing Faux Fuji SQ1 Campaign during the Workshop. It was his first attempt at a spec campaign, but many more are on the way.

Linnea Bullion

LA-based photographer

“The ABCs of Alliteration”

It's a project that she said helps bring all her weirdo ideas to life while fitting into a general theme. She plans to keep going until she shoots all 26 letters!


Here you can see “The Taxidermist Tirelessly Toils," “A Masked Mummy Mulls over Munchies at the Market,” and “The Cactus Keeper Carefully Cultivates Copiapoa.”

Augustus Poku Sarkodee

Ghana-based Photographer

“Fluidity in Motion” 


A five-part photo series based on color harmony and balance.

The colors represent specific points in his creative journey and each color scheme has guided him in his creative process.

Sarkodee considered it his first official body of creative work, in which he creatively directed, shot and produced. The work was nominated in the Fine Art Photography Awards.