What is Art of Freelance and who is it for?

It’s a 10 week online course, dedicated to helping creatives plan and execute the kind of projects that are the hardest: the ones that matter, the ones that only have the deadlines you make for yourself, the ones that are scary, the ones that don’t otherwise get done.

It’s the screenplay you’ve been meaning to write. The photo series you keep talking about shooting. The website that is long overdue for a redesign. A side hustle yet to be launched.


Ok, cool. How does that actually work logistically?

  • Every Week:
    You’ll have an online video Accountability Check-In with a group of 6-8 other independent creatives.

  • Weeks 1-3: Planning the Work
    You’ll complete a series of exercises each week that help you take a big picture look at your life and career as well as the projects you need to do to get where you want to go. By the end of the 3rd week, you will have selected and planned out the best project to complete over the rest of the course.

  • Weeks 4-10: Doing the Work
    With the continued support of Weekly Check-Ins with your Cohort you will get that project done.

  • October 7th: Showing the Work
    It all culminates in a Final Showcase in LA (physical attendance is celebrated, not required) where you and a class of at least 40 other independent creatives will show off the work you accomplished.


What's the cost?

The cost is: providing us feedback along the way, sharing the course with your network if you find it valuable, and $50 (that's 1/10 of the normal $500 course price) - and that $50 is only because we have consistently found that AF members get the most done when they have real skin in the game. You’re more likely to go to that yoga class/event/therapy session you pay for than the one you get for free. It’s science.


What kinds of projects do people end up doing?

The possibilities are pretty endless, but here are some examples of 10 week projects:

  • Writing a Screenplay

  • Launching a Kickstarter (we’ve seen them for a deck of left-handed playing cards, a card game celebrating a famous cat, a new photo series, and an environmental protest on Mt. Kilimanjaro)

  • Shooting a new series of photography

  • Creating a new superhero (writing his bio, the outline for a screenplay, and having an illustrator make concept art)

  • Editing a new director’s reel

  • Writing, shooting, and editing a short film

  • Updating a personal website

  • Creating a pitch deck for an ambitious graffiti festival

  • Designing the wireframes for a travel app

  • Filming the pitch trailer for an ambitious live dance and video performance

  • Shooting, editing and designing a photography coffee table book


How many people have done this course, and what are the success rates?

Over three ten week sessions, we have seen 110 people (hailing from LA, NY, SF, Austin, Denver, Portland, the Netherlands, Chile, Bali, and Tanzania) do the course. The success rate (people showing a new project at the Showcase) for the most recent course is 93% (42 out of 45).


What are people saying?

Here is some of the feedback we’ve received on the course so far:


What’s the catch?

No catch.
Do it.
Make new work.
Meet new dope people.
Show your work.
Celebrate with us.
We believe in this.
We want you on board.


Great, how?

Fill out this simple Ambassador application.


Oh shit, I have one more question.

No problem. Email us: hello@artoffreelance.com