Am I a creative freelancer?

We think of creative freelancers in three broad categories: the professional (the majority of your income comes from your freelance business), the moonlighter (you work a traditional job, but have a freelance side hustle that you take seriously), and the hobbyist (you don’t plan on earning your living from your freelancing but you have a personal project(s) that you know you need to get done).

Is this program right for me?

We are here for those who are ready to take their career to the next level and need real, human accountability and structure to do so. We are not here to teach you the basics of your craft; that you should already know. We are not here to teach you email marketing for your small business. We are not here to tell you the “Way to Double Your Freelancing Income in One Week!”

We are here to support you when you are ready to get career-advancing projects done.

If you’re too busy to create time for your personal and professional improvement, or you can’t commit to weekly check-­ins, we’re not for you. The power of this course comes from the act of showing up. If you’re a flake, don’t bother.

There’s an application to fill out that will help us determine whether you will be a fit for this course. It takes about 15 minutes to complete.

How does this work?

We will place you in a cohort of 5-8 creative freelancers from various fields. Some will come with more experience, and some with less experience, but all will be selected for their fire and drive.

We have carefully crafted a multi-week course that will help you:

  • Think big and identify broad goals for your business and your life

  • Break those broad goals into smaller, actionable projects.

  • Pick  the right project for this course that is specific, relevant, achievable, and a little f*cking scary

  • Lay out a tactical plan to accomplish that project

  • Access accountability, community, productivity tools, and inspiration as you need them along the way

It is important to note that we designed this course with the busy creative in mind. We have crafted a program that will respect your time and provide real value.

What's a typical project people decide to undertake during the course?

Here are some examples:

  • writing a screenplay

  • launching a kickstarter

  • creating an ebook and selling it on Amazon

  • creating an record EP and marketing it through Bandcamp or Soundcloud

  • creating a new promotional piece and mailing it to 100 clients

  • getting your financial house in order by learning quickbooks and creating a business plan

  • doing the legwork needed to find an agent

  • create a blog

  • conducting a full website update

The possibilities are endless.

How much time do I work alone? In a group?

The majority of the work can be done solo, accompanied by a once weekly video conference with your cohort throughout the course. At the end of each course, we’ll throw a big party to celebrate and promote the work you’ve done during the course.

Am I experienced enough?

We expect you to know your craft, and understand the basics of being a freelancer. We cannot teach you how to photograph, but we can help you achieve goals leading you to become a great photographer.

Am I too experienced?

No. We believe that as creative freelancers we need to keep pushing, and never be complacent, or our careers will suffer. No matter if you’re a moonlighting textile designer or a veteran screenwriter, you may still have trouble holding yourself accountable or finding time to get your work done. If you are a creative in need of motivation, structure and accountability, you will benefit from this program.

How much of my time is required?

We’ve created some assignments to help you plan and execute your projects at the beginning of the course. You’ll use the first three weeks to complete this work. Some assignments take 20 minutes and some take 2 hours. On average you’ll be spending 3 hours a week during the first three weeks.

The remaining 7 weeks of require one hour per week to meet with your cohort as well as the time it takes you to complete your individual project.

What else will you ask of me?

One of the most important pieces is that you attend your weekly accountability meeting with your cohort every week. These will last an hour and provide you an opportunity to share your progress and hold each other accountable. You can call in from a plane, train or automobile, but we ask that you do everything in your power to show up to these sessions. The other work can be done at your own pace.

What about confidentiality?

We want to be open and honest with each other, but we also want to protect everyone’s creativity and proprietary information. You will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement and make a pact with your cohort that each of you will control how and when information you share with your group gets shared with the world.

Why is this better than what else is out there?

There are lots of education resources online, some aimed directly at freelancers. Creative Live, Coursera, Double Your Freelancing, Lynda, Udemy, 99U and more provide videos, articles and even worksheets about freelancing. But none of them provide a specific roadmap, or the accountability needed to actually accomplish  personally-directed projects that will help you advance your freelance career.

How do I enroll?

You can enroll here. We’ll ask you to answer some basic questions about who you are, what you hope to accomplish, and what you are going to bring to the table. It should take about 15 minutes to complete.

30 day money back.png

We believe strongly in this quality of this program. If you invest in it, it can change your life. 

We confidently back your purchase with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. 

Be bold, dive in, dig deep. If you’re not satisfied, just contact us within 30 days of purchase,
and we’ll refund every cent of your investment immediately. No questions asked.