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Jessie Jamz enrolled in the Art of Freelance 10-week workshop because she wanted to art direct an ad campaign that combined her eye as a painter and her skills as a wardrobe stylist. She aimed to immerse the viewer in a visually compelling eyewear campaign, resulting in these stunning images.

All photos were shot by @Shaughn_and_John. Follow Jessie @JessieJamz

“Art of Freelance really helped me look at my life and hone in on what is important to me. The workshop forced me to look at where I want my life to be in the next five years, and narrow down the steps that it will take me to get there.”


- Jessie Jamz, Wardrobe Stylist


During the Art of Freelance Spring '17 Workshop, Visual Artist and Photographer Daniel Johnson tackled his first new photo series in over two years, accomplishing five shoots in total, with more work in the pipeline. Follow Daniel @danielnjohnson.

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“Art of Freelance gave me more confidence in the potential of my work, in the feasibility of me being able to accomplish a vision. I sense more clarity on the value of my commercial work and the purpose of my personal work.”


- Daniel N. Johnson, Photographer


Sarah Prikryl experimented with creating video content that joined her aesthetic and storytelling through dance and movement into the branding and advertising world. She created a full spec ad and new commercial reel for directing.

"This program has forced me to take a very specific look at the trajectory of my career and quality of life that I want for myself in the future and it is already becoming life changing for me."


- Sarah Prikryl, Director


During her time at Art of Freelance, Kayla Clements completed her travel book “Daytripper: 60 Days on the Road Exploring America’s National Parks”, a woman-written, thoughtfully-designed coffee table book exploring vivid photographs and compelling stories inspired by 60 days of van life.

“Art of Freelance propelled my project forward in a way that I would not have been able to complete in such a fast turnaround without.”


- Kayla Clements, Photographer



ART OF FREELANCE is a 10-week online workshop designed to help you: 

  • Help you define and refine your professional goals using carefully designed exercises that have been proven to work for creative Freelancers and/or those with a “side hustle”.

  • Create a roadmap of the projects that will push you to the next step in your career, and help you choose the right project to tackle right now.

  • Accomplish that project with the support of real human to human contact in weekly online video check-ins focused on providing feedback and guidance.

  • Support you as you market and showcase the work you create during the workshop.


Baratunde Thurston, futurist comedian, writer, cultural critic and author of How to Be Black, participated in Art of Freelance Fall 2017 to develop, research and write a web series and television pitch he had been planning for a long time. Since Art of Freelance he’s been able to show his work to a number of major television networks.

“Art of Freelance helped me get the inspired, unorganized, pile of ideas out of my head and into a usable structure that I could share with other humans. AF brought structure to my thought bombs and provided a schedule and a team of fellow humans to support me, motivate me, and hold me accountable to my own dreams.” 


- Baratunde Thurston, Futurist Comedian, Writer, Cultural Critic, and Author of ‘How to Be Black’


"Art of Freelance taught me the power of accountability and how wonderful it is to receive feedback from people who actually care about you and your success. Having feedback, support, and accountability from other creatives is something I've been craving for the past year."


- Morgan Brown, Artist

During the Art of Freelance 10-week online workshop, Morgan Brown worked on her project Conversations I Wish I Had, an experiential pop-up phone booth that provides a safe space for people to connect with someone in their life who has passed on. More info at


“I received support from my cohort during the crazy shooting weeks and feedback during the neurotic ones… I also believe that this project is a great example of what a little accountability, solid support and self-determination can yield. I will preach Art of Freelance to fellow creatives as long as I live.”

'Charlotte Dreams' is a photographic essay that explores the unconventional life of Charlotte Carón, a 70-year-old hustler with a 25-year-old spirit. Using an immersive documentary approach, this essay shows what it means to age alone in Los Angeles.


– Sunny Strader, Photographer


“As a freelancer - you’re always living in the now - or the next project. But Art of Freelance forced me to think about the life that I want to live and how I want to get there. As a father of two young children - it’s especially important to be future planning - and that’s something that’s hard to remember with the daily grind. So I was grateful for the actual, hard questions that I was forced to ask of myself.”

Americano Mondays is a photo + film and interview series inspired by coffee culture that Jeff has been pursuing over the past 4 years. But it wasn’t until Jeff took the Art of Freelance workshop that his idea to create a prototype of a “coffee” table book became a reality.

Jeff Newton.png

-Jeff Newton, Photographer


For his “21 Days of Community” project, Lorenzo Diggins Jr.  asked 21 different people for 21 Days to share their perspective on what community means to them. He documented the experience by capturing a portrait of each person along with their written Fanswers to be compiled into a printed zine.

“I really loved the accountability component through my weekly meetings with my cohort. Those meetings helped me establish some needed discipline and it actually gave something to look forward to and work towards during the week.”


-Lorenzo Diggins, Jr., Designer and Photographer


During the workshop, Craig “Tiger” Smith named, designed and branded The Sinister Deck. He worked with an artist to create illustrations of famous lefties for each of the cards, launched a website and planned a Kickstarter campaign for it. He launched the The Sinister Deck on Kickstarter which funded fully the first week (he’s made triple his goal so far!)

“Art of Freelance helped me form a mental foundation of how to work on side projects, and also reinforced the idea that accountability is key.”


-Craig Tiger Smith, Artist


Nora Quinn believes art is an accessory you can take with you. Over three Art of Freelance workshops Nora created a full range of products to sell online and launched her website .

“I loved meeting new people and being a part of the community of our cohort. I really thrive with the accountability system and it helps me get things done. I loved getting to know my cohort. Everyone was really inspiring.”

- Nora Quinn, Designer


Zach Oren’s series of portraits from an ongoing photo essay, show the beauty and diversity within the trans community. Visibility for the trans community is a major motivation for his project, and he says providing more exposure to a story that doesn't get a lot of "airplay" is vital.

“The accountability that I had to bring week by week, made me to get over mental blocks. It meant everything not to question my talent or the integrity of what I’m photographing, Working around so many creatives that are going through the same battle and are coming out the other end triumphantly, is a beautiful reminder that this is the process. Stay the course and create!”


- Zach Oren, Photographer


“Art of Freelance is something that I was lacking in my life but couldn't put my finger on it.  We all get so bogged down with day-to-day deadlines and have a much harder time setting aside specific time to work on those dream projects.  From the very first time (I'm on my third now), the program shifted my career path in ways that I couldn't even imagine at the time… I have made incredible, inspiring friends, and have had opportunities to collaborate with some of my fellow freelancers long after it was complete.  I tell everyone about this workshop because I really truly believe anyone can benefit from it as I have.”

During the very first Art of Freelance workshop, Elli Lauren took on the task of revamping her current photography portfolio into two separate websites/businesses. Her Cohort is where she met AF Alum Charlie Hess, a design and photo director. After the workshop, Charlie reached out to collaborate with Elli and hired her as a photographer for Thacher Magazine, seeing Elli's photography style as the perfect fit for highlighting their incredible Horse Program.


- Elli Lauren


Hugh Kretschmer has been a successful commercial photographer for more than 25 years, but in the Fall 2018 Art of Freelance workshop he ventured into the fine-art aspect of the medium. Kretschmer began work on "Mirage,” a visual commentary on the effects of climate change on our natural water systems.

“Art of Freelance provided a safe and supportive place for me to make my dreams come true. And that is exactly what this project was: a wonderful “dream.” My cohort members helped by inspiring me by way of their own projects and with their infectious enthusiasm and commitment to meet their goals.”

-Hugh Kretschmer


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