Hear from our Alumni


Jessie Jamz enrolled in the Art of Freelance 10-week course because she wanted to Art Direct an ad campaign that combined her eye as a painter and what she learned as a wardrobe stylist, to immerse the viewer in a visually compelling eyewear campaign, resulting in these stunning images.

All photos were shot by @Shaughn_and_John. Follow Jessie @JessieJamz

“Art of Freelance really helped me look at my life and hone in on what is important to me. The course forced me to look at where I want my life to be in the next five years, and narrow down the steps that it will take me to get there.”


- Jessie Jamz, Wardrobe Stylist


During the Art of Freelance Spring '17 Course, Visual Artist and Photographer Daniel Johnson tackled his first new photo series in over two years, accomplishing five shoots in total, with more work in the pipeline. Follow Daniel @danielnjohnson.

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“Art of Freelance gave me more confidence in the potential of my work, in the feasibility of me being able to accomplish a vision. I sense more clarity on the value of my commercial work and the purpose of my personal work.”


- Daniel N. Johnson, Photographer


Sarah Prikryl explored experimenting with creating video content that joined her aesthetic and storytelling through dance and movement into the branding and advertising world. She created a full spec ad and new commercial reel for directing.

"This program has forced me to take a very specific look at the trajectory of my career and quality of life that I want for myself in the future and it is already becoming life changing for me."


- Sarah Prikryl, Director


During her time at Art of Freelance, Kayla Clements completed her travel book “Daytripper: 60 Days on the Road Exploring America’s National Parks”, a woman written, thoughtfully-designed coffee table book exploring vivid photographs and compelling stories inspired by 60 days of van life.

“Art of Freelance propelled my project forward in a way that I would not have been able to complete in such a fast turnaround without.”


- Kayla Clements, Photographer



ART OF FREELANCE is a 10-week online course designed to help you: 

  • Help you define and refine your professional goals using carefully designed exercises that have been proven to work for creative Freelancers and/or those with a “side hustle”.
  • Create a roadmap of the projects that will push you to the next step in your career, and help you choose the right project to tackle right now.
  • Accomplish that project with the support of real human to human contact in weekly online video check-ins focused on providing feedback and guidance.
  • Support you as you market and showcase the work you create during the course.

Baratunde Thurston, futurist comedian, writer, cultural critic and author of How to Be Black, participated in Art of Freelance Fall 2017 to develop, research and write a web series and television pitch he had been planning for a long time. Since Art of Freelance he’s been able to show his work to a number of major television networks.

“Art of Freelance helped me get the inspired, unorganized, pile of ideas out of my head and into a usable structure that I could share with other humans. AF brought structure to my thought bombs and provided a schedule and a team of fellow humans to support me, motivate me, and hold me accountable to my own dreams.” 


- Baratunde Thurston, Futurist Comedian, Writer, Cultural Critic, and Author of ‘How to Be Black’


"Art of Freelance taught me the power of accountability and how wonderful it is to receive feedback from people who actually care about you and your success. Having feedback, support, and accountability from other creatives is something I've been craving for the past year."


- Morgan Brown, Artist

During the Art of Freelance 10-week online course, Morgan Brown worked on her project Conversations I Wish I Had, an experiential pop-up phone booth that provides a safe space for people to connect with someone in their life who has passed on. More info at


Ryan Schude, an award-winning professional photographer who has served biggies like Air France, Allstate Insurance and AT&T, is perhaps best known for his photographic style of tableau vivants, or 'living pictures.” Ryan has both participated in and guided Art of Freelance courses and in the process has created a number of photographs for his ongoing photo series for various galleries.

“I straight up would not have completed my project if it wasn’t for the weekly accountability check-ins. They are the core of why I need a program like this.”


- Ryan Schude, Professional Photographer



Ready to take your creative freelancing to the next level and turn it into a wildly successful career?

Our 10-week course was designed by hyper successful freelancers and top academics to give you the maximum impact for the time you invest.

Between the curriculum we’ve designed, the weekly accountability check-ins, and an opportunity to share your work, you will get more work done than if you tried to do it alone.