While we have made every effort to make this program as affordable as possible, we know that there are people who it would benefit that still can’t afford it. And so, we’ve created the Art of Freelance scholarship program.


To be eligible, creatives must identify as LGTBQ or non-binary, or low-income, or as a person of color.

We believe in the need to diversify the stories being told.

We offer partial and full scholarships to talented and ambitious creatives who are ready to launch or accelerate their creative career in their respective industry.

This can include but not excluded to photography, journalism, fashion, social justice, entertainment and/or any combination of the above or beyond.

Passionate, creative freelancers who believe in the power of hustle, camaraderie, creativity and want to explore the boundaries of their industry are encouraged to apply.

Photo by Art of Freelance Alum    Zack Oren   .

Photo by Art of Freelance Alum Zack Oren.

The Scholarship Program and the Art of Freelance workshop offers the structure and accountability needed to develop the necessary skills and expertise for recipients to create, shape, plan and execute a dream project in ten weeks.

The Art of Freelance Scholarship Program is designed to:

  • Help you define and refine your professional goals using carefully designed exercises that have been proven to work for creative Freelancers and/or those with a “side hustle”.

  • Create a roadmap of the projects that will push you to the next step in your career, and help you choose the right project to tackle right now.

  • Accomplish that project with the support of real human to human contact in weekly online video check-ins focused on providing feedback and guidance.

  • Support you as you market and showcase the work you create during the workshop.



Hear From Scholarship Recipients

Claire Salvo, Artist


Claire Salvo was an Art of Freelance scholarship recipient in Spring of 2018, and during that time worked on her project ME:WE, which uses drawings and text to tell the stories of nine women who have been sexually assaulted. ME:WE is about community and finding solidarity in a solitary experience.

Salvo uses the technique of “stippling,” which uses small dots to create an image. Her portraits are composed of tens of thousands of dots, each representing a woman who has been sexually assaulted. Together, they compose the image of a single subject. Salvo has exhibited her portrait series in New York and LA.

This video takes an in-depth look at Claire Salvo's intricate artistic process and why, in this case, the medium is truly the message.

“The support of my cohort was vital in helping to keep me motivated, as the artistic process can at times feel tedious. I loved being able to ask for advice and guidance, especially regarding how to present my series – still very much a work in progress. Thanks to those ideas, I will have a cohesive, comprehensive and meaningful presentation.”

-Claire Salvo

Morgan Lieberman, Photographer


In the fall 2018 workshop Morgan Lieberman began shooting a photo project on female drummers in Los Angeles and what it looks like to perform in a historically masculine space. Formerly a journalist, the Art of Freelance course was part of Lieberman’s first year as a freelancer, and she doesn’t plan on turning back now. “I feel as though the class has given me so much structure and knowledge to take forth with me in my new career as a photographer and filmmaker,” she said.

"I loved having the consistency and structure of checking in every week and being able to visualize my project from a clean slate to an in-progress story with potential! I love that Art of Freelance isn't a competitive environment, especially in a city like LA where it can feel like a shark tank of creatives!”

-Morgan Lieberman

Kean O’Brien, Conceptual Artist

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 12.06.32 PM.png

Kean O’Brien, in a deeply personal undertaking, created a photographic and sculptural project highlighting the way trauma traces upon the body as a transgender person. O’Brien said the photographs were used as investigations, and a means to erase the traces of trauma through nurture.

“I think Art of Freelance helped me redefine what I thought my capacity was as an artist. And I have so much more faith and so much more belief that I can accomplish the project that I want to make, and I am no longer making excuses for not doing it.”

-Kean O’Brien

Theresa Desautels, Director + Editor + Producer


In the spring 2018 workshop Theresa Desautels created an episode of MILLENNIAL THINK, a mini-doc series featuring millennials in all their navel-gazing glory. A longtime editor and producer, Desautels used Art of Freelance to help herself find her voice and make her directorial debut. In the first episode Ellington discusses the positive and negative effects of an addiction to technology.

“This project was the first step in my process of stepping into myself as a leader. I needed this experience to prove to myself that I’m someone with a voice and ideas, and that I can take an idea and make it come to life. Now I want to do that over and over again.”

-Theresa Desautels

Elena Rojas Garcia, Photographer + Actor

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 12.12.40 PM.png

Elena Rojas Garcia had been dreaming of a way to honor her grandmother, Miriam Alvarez; the woman who raised her and helped shape the person she is today. It wasn’t until she joined Art of Freelance in the Spring of 2018 that she was able to put together a series of portraits titled, Criados por Abuela (Raised by Grandmother).

“Being part of this workshop gave me the support and guidance that I needed. My Cohort helped by giving me a different perspective on my project, and their ideas helped to shape and refine the final result.”

-Elena Rojas Garcia

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