The value of the Art of Freelance is one of those things you have to experience firsthand to assess. The main lesson I extracted [...] is that no matter how different creative projects may seem on the surface, the creative processes driving them are universal.
— Heather D'Angelo, Editor
The Art of Freelance helped me clearly define the big, exciting vision for my future I’ve never before been able to. Then I was encouraged and motivated to take actionable, real steps heading in that direction. I accomplished exactly what I was hoping to, and months later the scope and excitement of my project is still growing.
— Chris Keener, Director Golden Bear
I can enthusiastically and sincerely say that AoF has absolutely been worth the investment and I am grateful that it came across my path. It introduced a few simple tools I believe will serve me for the rest of my life, and connected me with a supportive group of genuinely interesting, motivated, talented creatives, every single one of whom I am glad to continue to know personally and professionally.
— Jun Ohnuki, Graphic Designer and Production Artist