creatives would recommend Art of Freelance to a friend or colleague


creatives accomplished work on a timeline they would not have accomplished on their own


creatives saw an improvement in their sense of self confidence


The value of the Art of Freelance is one of those things you have to experience firsthand to assess. The main lesson I extracted [...] is that no matter how different creative projects may seem on the surface, the creative processes driving them are universal.
— Heather D'Angelo, Editor now.space
This program was so amazing and valuable. It’s hard for me to sit and work on personal projects, and this was the push that I needed.
— Kimi Lewis, Award Winning Illustrator/Designer/Art Director, Senior Product Designer The Noun Project
The Art of Freelance helped me clearly define the big, exciting vision for my future I’ve never before been able to. Then I was encouraged and motivated to take actionable, real steps heading in that direction. I accomplished exactly what I was hoping to, and months later the scope and excitement of my project is still growing.
— Chris Keener, Director Golden Bear
Literally feeling like I could immediately trust a group of creative strangers because we were all there for the same goal: to better ourselves. We gained a beautiful support network, and accomplished something we wouldn’t have pushed ourselves to do on our own.
— Callie Giovanna, Professional Photographer, Co-Owner Vitae Weddings, Owner CHROMA Visuals
I straight up would not have completed my project if it wasn’t for the weekly accountability check-ins. They are the core of why I need a program like this.
— Ryan Schude, Professional Photographer
I would wholeheartedly recommend the program.
— Charlie Hess, Creative Director 20 Over Twenty, Design Director Chess Design
I felt encouraged and supported in my goal every week. And when the doubts came I was always able to go back to my cohort for ideas and encouragement. I also made some amazing friends and business contacts. I’m so thankful for my cohort and all of the people who have helped Hello Adventure become a reality.
— Sarah Moe, Founder Hello Adventure, Shareholder at Framework Law Group PC
[Art of Freelance] was a great opportunity to meet amazing people, and it really pushed me forward... finally inspiring me to take action!
— Danny Brown, Photographer & Video Editor
I can enthusiastically and sincerely say that AoF has absolutely been worth the investment and I am grateful that it came across my path. It introduced a few simple tools I believe will serve me for the rest of my life, and connected me with a supportive group of genuinely interesting, motivated, talented creatives, every single one of whom I am glad to continue to know personally and professionally.
— Jun Ohnuki, Graphic Designer and Production Artist